Edge of the Ocean

by Doug Nelson

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This is my second album as a fully independent music writer and producer. All tracks were recorded or mastered in the RHS digital music recording studio. I play and write all the parts in all of the songs, most often useing an improvisation method. In this album you'll hear guitar, bass guitar, vocals and drums. I have produced the whole album over the course of around 9 months (2014-2015 school year) working every week day after Christmas break for at least one hour, and sometimes up to four hours per day. Thank you to so much for listening to these pieces of mine, have a rad time.


released May 14, 2015

A big thanks to John Balderson and Dana Adkisson of the RHS Music Department for allowing me to continuing working countless hours on this project after school. Thank you to Emilie and Ruby for being featured vocalists. Lending your voices really completes the album and adds some human quality amongst the instruments. Thank you to my parents Brian and Jaimarie for supporting me in these endeavors.



all rights reserved


Doug Nelson Olympia, Washington

Writing and producing music since 2013. Fully independent.

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Track Name: Mirage
hey hey take my hand dear,
my fingertips are nothing to fear
i take one step forward,
you take two steps back
oh, she's like an Eastern Ocean
and I, a swimmer on her shores
you're tide in or tide out,
I'm tied to you with no doubt

Oh and I would watch the waves
No matter what the weather would say.
fog clouds up my vision
and i can't see anymore, anymore!

Then it rains and it rains
and theres a smile on your face
it rains and i rain, I'm pouring out my heart.

Mirage mirage mirage, seeing your face in the clouds
I can't stop
O mirage mirage mirage, can I trust my eyes or I'm fooled
But I won't stop

Woah, winds do moan,
Oh, I'm chilled to the bone
I'm calling on that thunder, to just say one word back
Lying on my back, in a one way talk
My lips, can't move, they're frozen shut.

Oh and I would watch the waves
No matter what the weather would say.
fog clouds up my vision
and i can't see anymore, anymore!

When it rains, I rain and there's a smile on your face
When it rains, I rain oh

Mirage mirage mirage, there's nothing like this mirage
I can't stop
Oh mirage mirage mirage mirage
I'm seeing things, it's just a mirage
So I'll stop

Ill stop for you
One last time
Oh mirage......

Hey hey take my hand there's nothing to fear, stop.